Manufacturer of Bedpan Washer/disinfector Machines for the Sluice Room for 60 Years

Supplying Hospitals, Care Homes and Nursing Homes with equipment for the Sluice room ranging from Slop Hoppers to mechanical bedpan washer/disinfectors. Offering installation, servicing, repairs and ongoing support.  

Stanbridge’s philosophy is not just to supply “boxed” equipment but to work closely with you, within the guidelines laid down by national supervisory bodies, to achieve your preferred method of operation and full compliance. We adhere to the regulators and building standards recommendations when designing for both new projects and existing Sluice rooms. Ongoing training and support is available to provide a constant standard and help you achieve the best sluice room, dirty utility room or clean room. We are happy to provide a confidential consultation or on site survey.

To complete the picture we also provide our own range of bedpans, slipper pans, commode pots, urine bottles and storage.

Please contact us for a no obligation discussion about your Sluice or Dirty utility room facilities.

Stanbridge is also the proud manufacturer of the Assisted Swing Reclining Bath.

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