Stanbridge has six decades of experience in the manufacture and maintenance of infection control equipment.

We supply Hospitals, Care Homes, and Nursing Homes and install and service equipment ranging from surgeons’ scrub-up troughs to a range of bedpan washer/disinfectors. Stanbridge is also the proud manufacturer of the Swing Reclining Bath, available with or without a spa, which provides a pleasant bathing experience for disabled and ambulant residents and patients alike, whilst providing the carer with a safe work platform.

Stanbridge’s philosophy is not just to supply “boxed” equipment but to work closely with you, within the guidelines laid down by national supervisory bodies, to achieve your preferred method of operation and full compliance. To help you achieve the best standard of sluice room, dirty utility room or clean room we are happy to provide an on-site survey.

We adhere to the national regulator recommendations and closely monitor any changes made to them. However, we do strive to go beyond these and most of our continual research and development is aimed at providing even more efficient, more cost effective and more user friendly equipment to meet infection control needs.

As the leading manufacturer, Stanbridge can also design and supply equipment specific to your requirements, and provide training for your in-house engineering staff to ensure maximum efficiency for your equipment.

To complete the picture we have also designed our own range of bedpans and commode pots which are specifically suited to steam cleaning and disinfection by our washer/disinfectors. Their design incorporates cleaning efficiency, ease of use and patient comfort. They are fully suitable for Hospitals, Care Homes, Nursing Homes, and Specialist Units

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