The ‘Swing’ reclining bath is for truly assisted bathing.

The new ‘Swing’ reclining bath with side access allows the new priority of the personal care  package to be developed for individual service users who still have some mobility and do not  need hoisting. Wheelchair as well as walking access raises self motivation and personal satisfaction. Bathing time and carer attention can be significantly reduced with direct savings - client fatigue and hence stress is lower.

Easy, accessible and safe.
The ‘Swing’ is a freestanding reclining bath with carer access from three sides. The bath foot well is pre-filled with thermostatically mixed water to achieve immediate user comfort when entering the bath. 

Access from the opened large door allows both hoisted and non-hoisted entrance thus ensuring the safe and effective transfer whilst maintaining the bather’s well beingWhen reclined the water gently moves over the body and allows manual top up.

A pivoted ‘shepherd’s crook’ hand spray mounting ensures the spray head cannot enter the water, ensuring that the type ‘A’ air gap is maintained, satisfying water authorities. With optional air spa, disinfection, height variation and auto fill, the ‘Swing’ offers a unique bathing satisfaction to all categories of user.

Standard equipment:
+ Electric powered reclining bathing system on freestanding chassis
+ Thermostatic mixer scald protected, shower with adjustable spray and flexible hose 
+ Head cushion
+ Two handgrips

+ Air spa with 10 nozzles and pneumatic control box
+ Height adjustment
+ Full integrated disinfection system for bath and air spa
+ Automatic bath fill