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CS1 ST Machine

The Compact Superior 1 washes and disinfects multi utensils one at a time and is specially designed for the small nursing home where space is limited.The CS1 provides an effective infection control barrier which protects residents and staff from the risk of cross infection and management from potential liabilities. All Stanbridge washer/disinfectors can include the DEOSCALE water treatment system to […]

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CS2 ST Machine

The Compact Superior 2 is specifically designed for multi-storey care homes where code of practice requires a sluice room on each floor.The CS2 medium sized top loading machine washes and disinfects a variety of utensils two at a time. For care homes committed to disposable products it is an ideal, versatile washer/disinfector for the carriers and reusable utensils to […]

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SL Front Loading Machine

SLIMLINE’ Superior – One Tank (no valves) Free steamer’ bedpan/urine bottle/commode bucket washer disinfector machine. Complete with free-steaming, steam generator, digital indication of disinfection cycle, having interlock control for ‘guaranteed’ disinfection with internal venting system. 2 x cold feeds. Fitted with ‘P’ Trap and complete with super and normal wash cycles, additional independent thermocouple port […]