The Compact Superior 2 is specifically designed for multi-storey care homes where code of practice requires a sluice room on each floor.

The CS2 medium sized top loading machine washes and disinfects a variety of utensils two at a time. For care homes committed to disposable products it is an ideal, versatile washer/disinfector for the carriers and reusable utensils to complete the infection control barrier. All washer/disinfectors can include the DEOSCALE water treatment system to control limescale build up and reduce maintenance.

Stanbridge utensil washer disinfectors are manufactured in compliance with the recommendations of British Standard 2745 and to meet the detail requirements of inspectors of the Water Supply Undertakings. Stanbridge Ltd is approved under BS 5750 for quality assurance. WRAS Approval No. 0310064 Internal break tank has a type ‘A’ air gap supply.


Size        Installation
Height    910mm
Width    435mm
Depth    660mm
Water Feed    x 1
Supply    Cold
Connection    1/2” BSP male parallel
Overflow     1x19mm (3/4”) bore. End must be visible. (UK requirement)
Waste    82mm (3”) ‘P’ or ‘S’ trap

Electrical     230V 50Hz 16A single phase
Sound Level     73db
Washing cycles     1) Normal wash - Wash - Disinfection at 80°C for 70 seconds - Rinse to cool utensils.  2) Super wash - Pre flush - Wash - Disinfection at 80°C for 70 seconds - Rinse to cool utensils.