SLIMLINE' Superior - One Tank (no valves) Free steamer’ bedpan/urine bottle/commode bucket washer disinfector machine. Complete with free-steaming, steam generator, digital indication of disinfection cycle, having interlock control for 'guaranteed' disinfection with internal venting system. Hot and cold feeds. Fitted with ‘P’ Trap and complete with super and normal wash cycles, additional independent thermocouple port and blocked drain cut out device for HTM 20/30 requirements.


Size                  Installation
Height               1500mm 
Width                535mm 
Depth                490mm 

Water Feed
Supply             Cold
Connection     1/2" BSP male Parallel

Overflow         1x19mm (3/4") bore.
                         End must be visible.
                         (UK requirement)

Waste               82mm (3") 'P' or 'S' trap

Electrical                   230V 50Hz 16A single phase

Sound Level             73db

Washing cycles        1. Normal wash
                                    Wash - disinfection at 80°C for
                                    70 seconds - rinse to cool utensils

                                    2. Super wash
                                    Pre flush - wash - disinfection at 80°C for
                                    70 seconds - rinse to cool utensils