SLIMLINE' Superior - One Tank (no valves) Free steamer’ bedpan/urine bottle/commode bucket washer disinfector machine. Complete with free-steaming, steam generator, digital indication of disinfection cycle, having interlock control for 'guaranteed' disinfection with internal venting system. 2 x cold feeds. Fitted with ‘P’ Trap and complete with super and normal wash cycles, additional independent thermocouple port and blocked drain cut out device for HTM 20/30 requirements.


Size       Installation
Height   1500mm
Width     535mm
Depth    490mm
Water Feed    x 2
Supply     Cold
Connection     1/2" BSP male Parallel
Overflow    1x19mm (3/4") bore. End must be visible. (UK requirement)
Waste     82mm (3") 'P' or 'S' trap

Electrical     230V 50Hz 16A single phase
Sound Level     72db
Washing cycles    1)Normal wash - Wash - Disinfection at 80°C for 70 seconds - Rinse to cool utensils.  2)Super wash - Pre flush - Wash - Disinfection at 80°C for 70 seconds - Rinse to cool utensils.