The Compact Superior range of multi-utensil machines

Designed for full bed occupancy and high dependency nursing homes which have peak loads and a high utensil volume.

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Our stainless steel cupboard and sink units

Available in 2 models with the basin on the left or right hand side, to cover the vast majority of needs that may arise.

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Our extensive range of Pots, Bottles and Pans

Our re-usable and environmentally friendly commode pans, bed pans, bottles and pots ensure easier and more hygienic waste disposal.

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Stanbridge Brochure

Stanbridge Brochure

As care home managers and hospital procurement teams navigate the challenges of maintaining a safe and sanitary environment, our comprehensive brochure unveils a spectrum of cutting-edge solutions, spotlighting our signature bedpan washers.

Download our brochure today to embark on a journey toward elevated infection control standards.

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We help hospitals and care homes protect patients, residents and staff.

Stanbridge is a leading specialist UK manufacturer of human waste management solutions, with over 60 years’ experience in dirty utility room and sluice room planning and equipment. Our products are designed to keep people safe, by minimising risk of infection outbreaks, helping hospitals, residential nursing homes and residential care homes protect patients, residents and staff.

We understand how important it is to protect vulnerable people, and use our 60 years’ experience in installing, maintaining and servicing sluice room equipment to help you make the right decisions for your facilities.

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Care home owners and managers

Infection prevention and control, compliance, protection and maintenance, protecting your residents, staff and business reputation.

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Hospital facilities management

Installation, servicing, repairs and ongoing support for sluice rooms, dirty utility rooms or clean rooms.

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New build contractors

Our expert staff will guide you through every stage and planning and fitting your new sluice room facility.

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What our clients say

Stanbridge has helped hundreds of care homes, nursing homes and hospital wards maintain compliance, reduce infection risk and protect the environment:


Lessen your impact on the environment

By installing Stanbridge bedpan washers instead of macerators, you can be confident that you are not contributing to the build-up of waste products and chemicals in our planet’s rivers and oceans.

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