Environmentally friendly infection control

Safe, compliant disposal of human waste is the top priority for you – whether you’re responsible for a hospital facility or nursing home environment. You need to keep your patients, residents and staff safe and minimise the risk of cross-contamination and infection, and Stanbridge equipment and products are designed to help you do exactly that.

With increasing concerns about the amount of waste we create on a daily basis, you may also be looking at more environmentally friendly ways of disposing of waste. You’ll want to know that using our equipment can also help you to minimise your impact on the environment, as well as reducing your costs.

Reducing the consumption of single-use products

Replacing macerators with Stanbridge bedpan washers reduces your reliance on single-use cardboard bedpans, keeping your consumables costs down and minimising your storage and collection worries.

Reducing your reliance on single-use cardboard bedpans doesn’t just provide a cost-effective way of protecting the people in your care. Although the pulp used in single-use cardboard products is biodegradable, the glue isn’t, so it does have an environmental impact.

By using Stanbridge bedpan washers and reusable bedpans instead of macerators, you can be confident that you are not contributing to the build-up of waste products and chemicals in our planet’s rivers and oceans.

Avoiding flushing macerated cardboard down the drains reduces the amount of waste and non-biodegradable glue entering our water systems – and that includes your drains. Single-use cardboard products can clog drains, so by using Stanbridge bedpan washers instead of macerators, your drainage systems will remain cleaner, and avoid the expense and inconvenience of clearing blockages.

We also manufacture all our bedpan washers in the UK, minimising the environmental impact of delivering them to you when compared with products manufactured overseas.

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