Our History

Stanbridge have been manufacturing bedpan washers since 1954, giving us over 65 years’ experience.

But in its very early days, C.A.W Stanbridge (as it was known when it started in 1924), was a firm of bicycle engineers!

In the 1950s, Stanbridge bedpan washers were manufactured in New Cross, South London. Our first ever machine was bought by Brighton General Hospital, which, at the time, also owned 50 nursing homes. In fact, Brighton General Hospital still buys our machines and equipment all these years later.

In the mid-1970s, manufacturing moved to Bromley Common; then in 1980 it was bought by its current owners and the Works site moved to Horsley Road. It was later moved to St Mary Cray and now enjoys a new site at Questor Park, Dartford.

Pioneering bedpan disinfection and design

As well as our high quality bedpan washers and disinfectors, we have been pioneers in the design of easy to clean bedpans and commode pots. The original bedpans used by care homes and hospitals had to be checked with a mirror to ensure that all soil had been removed. With infection control in mind, Stanbridge developed new utensils which eliminated pockets where soil could be trapped, a design innovation which proved to be a triumph.

Leaders in infection control

Infection control in residential care homes, residential nursing homes and hospitals is at the heart of what we do. We are involved with many associations that deal with infection control procedures, and have been at the forefront of introducing HTM 2030, providing study days to educate people in the care industry about its importance.

This commitment means that we are dedicated to designing and developing new products and refining others. As well as helping the care sector to improve standards of infection control, we are using modern technology to explore ways to develop more environmentally friendly products.

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