Moving to a New World!

As we gradually and joyfully emerge from lockdown and return to “normal” we will all be eternally grateful for the sacrifices made by the NHS, Carers, scientists and other associated services in the fight against Covid-19. Sadly, the environmental impact of the pandemic will be seen far and wide and will require urgent action if we are to protect our planet and shape an al round better future living in balance with nature.

Whilst making plans for a life after Covid-19 we must encompass a plan to reduce the amount healthcare related waste generated and discarded around the globe and give greater consideration to the danger this presents to our spectacular planet.

The Covid-19 crisis proved that we can take giant leaps forward and make incredible scientific breakthroughs when human intelligence is collaborative and channelled on a single catastrophe. If only this united effort could continue and concentrate on finding ways of preserving our fragile natural world.

In providing specialist healthcare the UK alone used over 128 Million items of PPE! Whilst this was vital to saving human lives, PPE is not biodegradable or recyclable and its disposal will have a detrimental effect on wildlife and on our glorious planet. We must look for an alternative to protect our key workers and our planet. In many areas Health and social Care establishments could focus on opting for reusable utensils. We already have the scientific knowledge to prevent infection by decontaminating reusable utensils such as, bedpans, commode pots urine bottles and other utensils naturally with Steam or Hot Air in washer/disinfector machines. Procurement departments in all medical establishments must consider not just the financial aspect of PPE, Sluice Room equipment, Dirty Utility Room items and other consumables associated with care but the future of our planet and how we can preserve it for future generations.