Are You Ready for Your CQC Inspection?

CQC inspectors will be looking closely at how you dispose of human bodily fluids to prevent infections and cross-contamination. Let us help you achieve compliance with ease with a free site survey.


Stanbridge Ltd have been providing qualified advice and guidance in the world of Sluice Room Regulations and Requirements for over 65 years and would be pleased to provide information or a consultation. For a friendly chat to ensure peace of mind or to arrange a confidential meeting, call us on 01689 806500 or email


Established in the 1950s and credited with the pioneering design of modern washer/disinfector machines, Stanbridge has the expertise and practical experience that can assist and reassure in every situation.

• Infection control solutions for hospitals and care homes

• Involvement in the development of infection control procedures

• Advising on sluice room requirements

• Advice on HTM 2030 and BSEN ISO 15883-1 and -3

• Participation in seminars and study days

• Ongoing support and encouragement for the care sector


Stanbridge Ltd, is your trusted partner for Sluice Room Equipment and Compliance. Our comprehensive range includes washer/disinfectors, stainless steel products for sluice rooms, bespoke equipment and fittings, and utensils.

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