Air Sterilisers & Room Decontamination Units

Stanbridge stocks a range of air sterilisers developed by AIRsteril to keep sluice rooms, residents/patients rooms and common areas free from airborne pathogens and unpleasant odours. In environments where cleanliness and hygiene are of utmost importance, maintaining pristine indoor air quality is essential for the well-being of residents, patients, and staff alike.

Our selection of air sterilisers is equipped with advanced technology to combat airborne pollutants, harmful pathogens, and unpleasant odours that might be prevalent in care home settings or sluice rooms. Our range includes a variety of air sterilisers suited to different room sizes, ensuring that every corner of your facility receives the attention it deserves. Whether you need a compact unit for individual rooms or a powerful system to cover larger areas, we have the perfect solution to cater to your specific requirements.

By investing in our air sterilisers, you are taking proactive steps to create a healthier and more comfortable space for residents, patients, and staff members. With their silent and unobtrusive operation, these units seamlessly integrate into your facility’s environment, providing continuous purification without disruption.

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