Deoscale Anti Scale Dosing Fluid

deoscale dosing fluid

DeoScale is a water additive to aid in cleaning and controlling the build-up of hard scale deposits in our bedpan washer machines that wash and disinfect reusable bedpans and commode pots. DeoScale has been developed to control scale build-up in water systems and to provide a predictable outcome for varying degrees of district hardness as well as water flow rates. The dose can be set to match local conditions.

DeoScale fluid has two components – a non-foaming detergent and a descaler. The addition of a small measured dose of DeoScale fluid to the wash cycle reduces hard water scale build-up. DeoScale is a low-hazard liquid detergent/descaler designed for auto-dosing. It is efficient in removing organic and inorganic soils. A low dose in soft water areas reduces water browning.

The basic dosing facility can be fitted in the factory for new installations or added on-site and consist of:

  • Metering pump
  • Fluid carrier for a 5 litre container suitable for wall mounting

DeoScale fluid is packed in 5-litre screw-top plastic containers. Typically sold in packs of 4×5 litre boxes suitable for transportation in bulk. Contract quantities per year are negotiable.

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