Stanbridge SL Front loading bedpan washer

sl slim line front loading machine

The SLIMLINE’ Superior one pan or two bottle front loading washer- disinfector machine. One machine to dispose of utensil contents, thoroughly cleans, removes soil and thermally disinfects by steam to remove pathogens and microorganisms ensuring safe reuse. With a newly designed load carrier to accommodate today’s range of utensils. Digital programmed display to visually prove disinfection. Hands-free lid/door opening operation. For your peace of mind, our range of washer/disinfectors provide the solution to all user needs for re-usable items which include pulp support carriers ensuring clean and disinfected utensils every time.

The Slimline front-loading machines comes complete with free-steaming, steam generator, interlock control for ‘guaranteed’ disinfection with an internal venting system and 2 x cold feeds. Fitted with ‘P’ Trap and complete with super and normal wash cycles. Stanbridge utensil washer disinfectors are manufactured to meet British Standards, the recommendations of WRAS and meet EN ISO 15883-1 & ISO 15883-3.

Our SL front-loading machines are also available to finance, lease and hire to help spread the cost of improving your sluice room.


Height (mm): 1500
Width (mm): 535
Depth (mm): 490
Water Feed: x2
Supply: Cold
Connection: 1/2” BSP male parallel
Overflow: 1x19mm (3/4”) bore. End must be visible. (UK requirement)
Waste: 82mm (3”) ‘P’ or ‘S’ trap
Electrical: 230V 50Hz 16A single phase
Sound Level: 72db
Washing Cycles: 1) Normal wash – Wash – Disinfection at 80°C+ for 70 seconds – Rinse to cool utensils.  2)Super wash – Pre flush – Wash – Disinfection at 80°C+ for 70 seconds – Rinse to cool utensils.
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