Save time and money with reusable sluice room equipment

Following an unprecedented 14 months for the care home sector, pressure on time and money has never been greater. While the pandemic has made us revisit bio-security, and patient safety has to be the priority, climate change forces us all to recognise that disposable single use sluice room equipment, unless there is no alternative with its associated costs, is bad for both budget and the planet. 

Single use vs washable & reusable sluice room equipment 

Single use sluice room equipment can be made to seem cheaper and more efficient. In some areas, this may be the case, but in sluice rooms, the efficiency vanishes when single use disposables are not often up to the job. For bedpans this is because the patient may be too heavy, so several are used to ensure that the patient is safe. This is why we so often hear about “cheaper” single-use solutions blowing budgets. What’s more, the recyclability of these sluice room products is not always easy to achieve. Environmental audits reveal hidden damage from the shaping and recycling processes as well as the sheer energy used in producing and transporting such volumes. It is simply better for the environment to reuse. 

View our reusable sluice room equipment including commode pots, bed pans and urine bottles.

Maintaining and repairing sluice room equipment

Stanbridge sluice room washing equipment is built to last. Some of our clients are still using the same equipment that we delivered to them twenty years ago. When parts wear out, spares are not a problem. At Stanbridge we are proud to have always manufactured our products in the UK, so neither Brexit nor Covid have stopped us from supporting our clients. Our team is always on hand to maintain and repair equipment so that stoppages can be minimised. Infection control and patient safety is our top priority. Our latest range of washers minimise the use of water to maximise the savings for the utilities budget and the environment. We care for the environment and care about saving you money. 

Macerators and sluice room equipment have very similar set up costs. Rather than just CAPEX, it is the budget over the lifetime of the product which is the one that care home managers should examine when they are comparing like for like. Macerators require the more complex and physically destructive process of soaking, shopping, flushing and rinsing. This tends to have greater wear and tear than the washing process for reusable bedpans. Not only might this impact its working life, if the macerator malfunctions, waste must be disposed of in hazardous waste plastic bags along with single use utensils. This creates a high risk infection zone as well as added workload to already pressured staff.   

The reliability of our sluice room equipment is second to none. We are believers in not making things too complicated just for the sake of it. Make the product fit for purpose, no more no less. We manufacture with staff training in mind - we make our products easy to use so that staff training can be minimised and colleagues have more time with patients delivering the care that makes a difference.    

When thinking about a solution for your Sluice room, think about Standbridge’s commitment to support your reuse. Choose the environmentally friendly route for hygienic disposal, not one that risks polluting the seas already choking with waste. What is good for the bottom line makes total sense when it comes to the environment. Reuse, not use once and throw away - single use only when there is no safe alternative. Stanbridge products offer you the opportunity to be both green and thrifty.    

For any more advice on sluice room equipment, particularly reusable sluice room equipment, contact us.