Save Money and Time; The hidden costs of using single use Sluice Room equipment!

Save Money and Time; The hidden costs of using single use Sluice Room equipment!

Costs are rising across the board including big jumps in the cost of electricity, national insurance rises and ever-increasing fuel prices. This leaves the care sector facing a tough choice between finding savings to maintain acceptable levels of care or increasing the cost of their services to cover these increases.

One possible solution that has multiple benefits is making a switch to reusable sluice room equipment rather than relying on single-use equipment. Find out what other benefits reusable sluice equipment offers.


Single use Pulp Vs. Reusable Commode Pots/Bedpans

Single use sluice room equipment can be made to seem cheaper and more efficient. But in sluice rooms, the efficiency vanishes when single use is not up to the job. For bedpans this is because the patient may be too heavy, so several are used to ensure that the patient is safe. This is why we so often hear about “cheaper” single-use solutions blowing budgets. What’s more, the recyclability of these sluice room products is not always easy to achieve. Environmental audits reveal hidden damage from the shaping and recycling processes as well as the sheer energy used in producing and transporting such volumes and there is always the problem of where to store these bulky products. It is simply better all round to reuse. Macerators and sluice room equipment have very similar set up costs. Our latest range of Bedpan Washer Disinfectors minimize the use of water to maximise the savings for the utilities budget and the environment. We care for the environment and care about saving you money.

Choose the environmentally friendly route for hygienic disposal, not one that risks polluting the seas already choking with waste. Stanbridge products offer you the opportunity to be both green and thrifty. Find out more about our environmental policies at Stanbridge.


Reduce the risk of cross contamination and update your Sluice Room

With the option to lease, we could offer you the minimum requirements for compliance in your Sluice room keeping your equipment up to date with minimal upfront costs. Visit Sluice Room Equipment Finance, Leasing & Hire for more information.

Our Bedpan Washers are manufactured here in the UK with over 65 years of dedicated experience. Can you afford to take the risk?

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