Servicing and Maintenance: Sluice Room Equipment

Servicing and Maintenance: Sluice Room Equipment


Winter’s approach puts lots of pressure on care homes, with the circulation of colds, flus and norovirus, more time with patients is needed, with less staff available. With efficient, high-quality equipment designed for ease and speed of use, properly maintained and serviced, the effects of the winter season can be mitigated. 


Maintaining and Repairing your Sluice Room Equipment


Our experienced team takes pride in being knowledgeable in all aspects of installing and servicing our equipment. Specialising in technical support, breakdowns, call-outs, one-time servicing and service contracts, nobody knows our products better. 

We build our equipment to last, which is why our servicing team is on-hand to keep your machines up and running. We manufacture all parts in the UK, so supply chain issues don’t affect your repairs. This also means that largely we can replace parts, not machines, keeping costs down. 

Maintenance is important in all aspects of care facility cross-contamination equipment, in sluice rooms, it’s essential. For hygiene, infection control and preventing contamination, they are an integral part of the quality of care you provide. When a sluice room is out of operation, alternatives to waste disposal do not guarantee hygiene. 

To prevent untimely breakdowns and guarantee that equipment is in full working order, we offer tailor-made servicing. This prevents the likelihood of call-outs, as deteriorating parts can easily be spotted and replaced. 

 As one of our expert engineers warns:

"The machine may look like it's working but it may not be reaching the right temperature - and therefore not decontaminating Utensils."


Surveys for Compliance

Are you developing, updating or re-equipping a sluice room? Our team can help. For new sluice room installation, we can carry out a free site survey to produce a 3D image of the proposed design. We always ensure compliance with regulatory requirements is fully met, so you can carry on providing care. 

 We’ve encountered every challenge that fitting sluice rooms can cause in our 65 years of operation, contact one of our knowledgeable sales team to find out how we can help you.